Gotta keep trying

I am very fortunate to live at home so I choose jobs that I feel will help with personal growth more than professional growth. I don’t feel it’s much to do with pay (although I won’t accept less than minimum wage, I am not too bothered otherwise, just don’t want someone to take the mick)…

To me it’s more about going out and talking to people and interacting… It is about building confidence… As for relationships… I was a bit apprehensive about telling him I am happy to do data entry jobs and packing jobs… As he is quite a nerd :confused: but he totally supports whatever I want to do because he sees me trying… After quitting so many I refuse to quit looking I am sure I will find something… :confused: He said maybe worth seeing a doctor for the concentration and work to get it to a level where I feel I can focus on work…

ps please remove the subheading under my name…please?

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So you don’t want to do volunteer work

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I don’t get disability, I cannot afford to, when I get jobs, I get a little, but that little is a heck of a lot to me… and as for voluntary work I’d do it if I could manage two jobs,… But I can’t… :confused: