Got up early for nothing

I had an appointment at 8:35 this morning to have my back checked out. I had to get up at early. When I got there, the receptionist tells me, " Oh, I’m sorry, the doctor who saw you last week made your appointment to see a nutritionist instead of a back doctor". It was her mistake. So I have to drive back there at 12:30 pm. The only bright spot was when I stopped to get a soda at the gas station. For some reason it went very well and cheered me up. And it was fun driving my new car while listening to Pink Floyd and “Animals”.


has your car :car: got a name…?
our car is called ’ isis '…we named our car… way…before the terror group existed !?!
take care :alien:

No, no name. Isis was a pretty name before that terror group started.