Got trolled

Well, I got trolled by people in my faith community. I posted memes on a discord for young people from my university and I was made fun of by people (most likely because it showed my mobility aid). It was a video of a random shark floating in my room above my mobility aid. Thought it was cool, but I guess it was stupid.

I knew that I don’t matter anywhere.

Today was a good example that I have no value. I am stupid.

I should never trust people again. I got hurt again when I tried.

I don’t care anymore about myself. Today just proved how worthless I am.

Thanks for being extremely undesirable, @laetitia.

don’t let people get you down… you are a nice and valuable person. We all like you here, don’t let them make you think otherwise.


I’m scared of people now

It was a bad idea to be part a community and actually trust people. I knew I would be rejected

yea i’m scared of people too… it’s hard to trust people huh… i hope you get to meet people who are nice to you.

People aren’t nice
This just confirms it all
Im horrified. I want to be alone.
I just want to stop getting hurt
I want to stop people from hurting me again
I’m scared.

The trolls also sent memes of large pictures of a woman being run over by a car. I’m scared…

Just ignore the trolls.

For me, I don’t really venture too far online, so I don’t come across them much

I just keep to two forums I have used for years, and a Facebook group I belong to that’s for power tool discussion

They are people in my Catholic community.

People whom I know well.

Not just simply trolls…

They took advantage of the fact that I am physically disabled.

People are mean. Don’t let them get you down though, i know it’s hard but when you think of it their opinion doesn’t really matter. What matters is the people that are close to you and actually respect you, these people want you to feel bad. Some people are just like that. Don’t give them what they want


I went to catholic school and was relentlessly bullied by other catholics.

Good riddance to them all

Now I have nothing to do with religion

My view is I practise in my own way and show my worth by doing right rather than praying etc

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I dont have friends.

I am alone.

I don’t care much at this point. I’m done trying to live

Are you sure it was directed at you personally, or was it just humour about the post itself?

It’s true, people can be very thoughtless sometimes. Don’t let them get you down, you’re better than that


They replied with insulting gifs to my comment that said “are you making fun of me because I am disabled?”

The video showed my mobility aid.

I left the server and I don’t want to trust anyone again.

I just want to be alone and stop talking to people

I trusted people and now they hurt me. Not again

It seems like you’ve got a few people in your corner here on the board. I hope that counts for something. I know it’s hard to see when you’re feeling down, but people really do care about you

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That’s disgusting on their part. Screw them, they’re not worth it

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Sorry you had to go through this, not everyone is like that and shows how stupid they are, was very rude of them !!


You shouldn’t listen to the bad apples. There really are people who care about others and that includes you. You are not worthless. You are a good person deserving of love

I need to be strong. I can’t make my mom cry again

I need to act like everything is ok

Poor you, I know you suffer a lot every day which doesn’t help at all, but I wanted you to know that people like you and you deserve live the best you can with your diseases.

I hope you feel better some day, I really do. People care about you, you’re not alone in this world laetitia. Besides korean society is very tough on people, even without any diseases, which can have a toll in your mental health. Just do your best and that’s enough.

Maybe because ive done horrible things I’m paying it off by suffering.

I don’t know if I can live anymore.

I feel exhauated. I feel numb. I feel powerless.

I am nothing…

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You didn’t did anything wrong laetitia, you just had a lot of bad luck on the gene lottery
That doesn’t mean people don’t care about you or that you have no value, which is the opposite, people care about you and you have a lot of value, I hope better days will come for you and you suffer less with your diseases.

Laetitia you’re a heroin doing all the stuff you do with all your disabilities, I wish you the best for you