Got told i was being disrespectful

I was referring to my in-laws by their first names in texts to my partner and she said i was being disrespectful. Even though they are allowed to call me by my last name and tell me to get my big ass doing something like go outside and pick up dog poop

What does your therapist say about your living situation?

I cannot express how much I wish you and your partner would get the hell away from those toxic people…move in with your parents with your partner !!

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She knows the dynamic of the house especially since the added people moved in.

@jukebox i am not on speaking terms with my family since they tried to make me choose them over my partner. Kay and have plans and we know her parents would never kick me out they depend on the SSI money at the beginning of the month. Especially since our electric bill is over 700 dollars or more a month

How does the electric bill get so high?

Because it’s electric and water we have 13 people living in a three bedroom house with an apartment in the back. It’s all on the same bill

13 people?! You have to do something to better your situation.

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To fix it u can do and say what they want. I usually do it like that.

Jesus. Well if it gets too bad there are options. I hope.