Got to revisit my past today. Two things happened

First, after my dental appointment my brother said he had never ate at Flip’s Wine Bar and Trattoria, an old stomping ground of mine. I had Pesto Gnocchi and freshly made Bruschetta. wonderful. I hadn’t eaten there in years.

Then when we returned to my mother’s farm where my car was, my niece Madison (the one with cancer) gave me a college notebook full of old drawings and newspaper clippings from my old firm. a couple of old photographs I had saved before I got sick were in it. It was like peering into that time again. really weird really. anyways. Today was a good day.


Good for you jukebox!
Glad you had a good day, you sure deserve some good to come your way,
take care!

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thank you @Csummers you are one of the few friends I have left on this forum. I love you.

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That’s a cool feeling…looking at old photos before y got sick. I wish I had pics from 18 years-19 years old…right before I got sick.

the photos were some antique photos I bought of this weird kid with big ears. I just thought at the time that it was hilarious. it still is hilarious to me.

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I think you have more friends here than you realize. :smile: I have my detractors too…can’t be everyone’s friend, and that’s fine by me. :wink: Any Halloween plans?

Ya I thoroughly enjoy your posts jukebox…I’ve always liked you


thanks @alien99 you are a good friend too. No Halloween plans so far. It’s my brother’s birthday that day and I might go see him. I miss you and love you too.

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thanks dude. I like you too.

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Yeah man, I took a respite of a month from here. Back now, mentally stronger than before, albeit a little quieter. Still in your corner all the same. :sunny:

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I appreciate that @alien99 Glad to hear you’re doing better mentally !

I’m glad to hear you had a good time. What Madison did was real nice. There’s nothing like nostalgia and reliving the past. I don’t know why you don’t think you have very many friends on this site. I’m your friend and I’m sure others are too.

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