Got to Play with a K9

A distant relative works in a prison and he is responsible lately for training a pup k9. She’s a beautiful, energetic german shepherd.

I don’t have any animals, so this was so awesome! I played with the dog outside and practiced walking her back and forth on the leash. I guess she wasn’t fixed because the pitbull next door jumped the fence and the two were caught in our backyard…

the relative was like o h my god no! Not the k9!! Don’t get her pregnant! It was funny, but I couldn’t say anything because he was so distressed.

I miss having animals! I live with family and they’re not allowing me to have animals, not even therapy animals. :cold_sweat:

All in all, it was a wonderful day: sarcosine, did some editing for my new gig, played with a pup. Awesome!

Just felt like sharing this state of awesome. Also, thought the story of my hysterical relative freaking out over the k-9’s love life was pretty funny


I forgot to mention my lame attempt at a joke that didn’t go over well with my distressed relative.

“She can’t get pregnant, she’s my k-9” he said to me, holding the dog’s leash while she whined because he had put the pitbull back with the neighbors.

“Maybe there’s like an after morning pill…but for dogs.” I was trying to be helpful and funny

He just stood there staring at the dog for a long time and I don’t think he was amused at all, so I walked back inside, hehehehe

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