Got to got to the pharmacy

My meds nurse wants me to pick up my new blood pressure med on the way over there today. She said she would call the pharmacy and let them know it was ok to release them to me. I’m not normally allowed to pick up my own meds because I’m in meds management. So hopefully the transporter gets here a little early today so we can go do that.


I hope it works out. What country are you in? How did you end up in meds management?

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I live in the USA, I asked to be in meds management when I decided to live alone and there would be no one to lock up my meds for me. Previously whoever I lived with kept the key to the lock box and supervised me taking meds. It was part of my safety plan to stop me from attempted suicide after many attempts in the past. I’m not suicidal at all but it can come on quickly with me.

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Once again the pharmacy filled my rx with generic Saphris which I can’t take. So my meds nurse called over to the Pharmacist and explained I need to bring it back and get some of the real Saphris. He agreed. When I got to the pharmacy he had left on his lunch break without filling my Saphris prescription or letting anybody know anything about it and the girls there refused to take the generic stuff back. So I have a whole box of generic Saphris in my possession and none of the good stuff. I’m going to wait awhile and see if my ex will take me back down to the pharmacy to get it straightened out. If he can’t take me I guess I’m just screwed then.

Definitely go back! You need the right med. your dr had to specify on the prescription that you must have brand name only in order for it to get filled that way.

I didn’t even know med management was available in the US

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my mental health dept does it, they are a part of public health