Got Tired of My Kid's Music

It truly is awful stuff, the junk teenagers listen to today.

So I told my daughters i was writing my own hip/ techno song called…

“My Booty’s Electric!”

I got struck by lightning
Now my booty’s electric
My bbbooty’s electric!




Maybe somebody could help me with a few lyrics? That’s all I’ve got so far.

I got struck by lightning

It was very frightening

But it went to my ass

I’m totally ready, for Mardi-gras

Thanks to my lightning - ass :slight_smile:


Ma butt cheeks is like pillows
Yo! 2 weeping willows!
Gonna ride that banana
On the turntable, Santana
Da smoke is gonna billow!

(Okay. That’s all I got for now.) :blush:

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Nah, I’m too old. I’m going to give your booty the boot.

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One day, the techno hit “My Booty’s Electric” will come on the radio, and you’ll all laugh/ dance and remember me! :wink:

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You should throw in something about groceries… im pretty sure anytime you mention booty you gotta mention groceries… its like a law or something now…lol

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IDK. Something about junk in the trunk maybe? Or try to fit in there “Her humps, her humps?”

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put in something about a kitten exploding out of your ass after coming into contact with an alien

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L.O.L. :face_with_monocle:

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This gif has me thinking…If I can identify the pornstar based just off the butt does that mean I’ve spent too much time on “the internet”?

Please nobody tell @PatrickT that I like listening to and live mixing House, Electro, Bounce, and Dubstep. Don’t want that old ticker of his to blow while he’s waving his cane at the kids on his lawn. :wink:


Back when electro had official videos

The ones that I know of now I cannot post on the forum as they say things much more explicit than that.

I really admire your choice of video.

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I liked today’s music. Lots of people say it sucks, but a lot of the music on youtube is made by people at home. Some put out music for other’s to take and add on to, to make a more complete product. They aren’t big budget producers, they do this all on their own time, following their dreams. And that is what makes it amazing to me - people following their dreams, their passion, and becoming a better version of themselves. Not what other’s say they should be. But what they say they themselves should be. Creating their own right of passage to the world they make.

Music bypassed me sometime around 1988. That was really the time I all but stopped buying the latest records.

I was musically agnostic until I reached adulthood, then I was all about all kinds of music. I’m more about the lyrics though. Only kind of music that tends to universally turn me off is death metal, which is a shame because I hear it’s lyrically very good. If only I could understand what they’re singing.

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