Got this scam voicemail a few days ago

I’m not falling for it!


I dunno. Enforcement Agencies might get block your government service due to suspicious activity if you don’t call back and tell them all your personal info :rofl:


On my old number, I’d sometimes get up to 10 calls a day from “maikrosaft tek subort” claiming they had found a “vairos on kompoota” and it was very urgent that I paid them money and let them have remote access :sweat_smile:


I’ve gotten so many of these. Nigerian prince, MS tech, DEA is going to arrest me, and on and on. BUT, I’ve had 2 that made me do a double take.

  1. When Equifax was hacked, someone got the first 4 and last 4 of ALL my credit card accounts. The caller said they were calling to refinance me to lower rates. Quickly realized that nobody can refinance across the board like that , so I hung up.

  2. And this was a real breach of identity. In 2014, I received a letter in the mail from the US OMB, saying a “foreign entity” had gained access to my personal file at OMB. OMB was holding a third-party’s secure information, and after some probing around, I found the Chinese pwned me and so many others. So yay, the Chinese have all my sensitive personal info! Got another letter a few weeks later from OMB offering free credit monitoring. I declined because a) it’s useless, and b) I wanted to retain the right to file suit if my info gets used as a result of a gov’t hack. This wasn’t just me, but hundreds of thousands of people’s info. Joy.

I keep getting emails about penis enlargement pills lol

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I got that call recently and filed it under bull ■■■■ b’astards :frowning: hate them.

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