Got the new med

I got my new med in the mail Saturday. I get meds typically in a tray sorted for me 4 trays per month but since i got prescribed a new med they sent me a bottle of buspar. It seems to be working just cant take it within 6 hours of my night pills. It could interact with the amitriptyline


I twas prescribed buspar and amitriptyline at the same time when I was younger. I just took them at the same time every night and never had any issues??

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Good luck @cbbrown!

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I take Buspar and Clozaril.

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I like Buspar :bird::bird::bird:

I think she was just being cautious.

@Wave thank you I didnt have the dizziness today that I had sunday. So good news there.

@see121 is that a good combo? The pdoc knows my hesitation and out right fear of switching meds. So she said she will add this for now and once the stay at home order is lifted then we can discuss after testing and a thorough discussion with my case manager and therapist we will see about what is our options are.

@GrayBear did it make you dizzy a little at first?


I had to stop buspar because the interaction with amitripptyline made me dizzy enough to fall over.

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I think she said take buspar at least 12 and 6 hours before taking my night pills at 10:30pm

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Hope it works out for you @cbbrown.

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Thank you @eighteyedspy23 Iā€™m getting to calm down at night and not anxious at all. Which for some reason my anxiety would dramatically increase between 7-11 pm it wasnt caused by coffee, tea or medication.

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No, not that I remember. :sloth::sloth::sloth:

@GrayBear its stopped so far I was only dizzy first two days

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