Got the best xmas presents ever off family

Mum and dad retired just retired and got a big payoff. They got me a 55 inch 4K HDR tv along with a PS4 pro! How cool is that. They are the best.

Got skyrim special edition and finial fantasy XV to play. Love my RPGs. Not going to set it up till Christmas but will post pictures then.


Holy craptastic batman! You’re not kidding, that’s a great set of presents. :grinning:


Both games can be played in 4K.

Never even seen a 4K tv in real life let alone thought of owning one! This is going to be cool. :sunglasses:

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Cool @Jimbob happy for you

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Wow nice, Send my LOVE to your parents for me :smiley:

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I always liked the Final Fantasy games but now they are geting a bit too advanced for me lol i liked the good old days when it was turn based :slight_smile:

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Yeah turn based was great. Remember on the old ps2 the graphics were amazing.

Yeah the graphics were really good but it must be 10X better on the PS4? i dont own a PS4 myself…

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Yeah the graphics are jaw dropping on the latest consoles. Best looking console game I have ever seen.

Wow … Nice @Jimbob!
Really glad for you

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I like playing all the rpg games on my ds with the cheats on it like x4 EP :grin:

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