Got stung by a wasp today 🐝😱

The little punk got me when I was but rubbish in the bin. What the β– β– β– β–  do wasps achieve anyway. Is not like they make honey or pollinate the flowers.

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That would have hurt. I’ve only ever been stung by a bee, once. I’m terrified of wasps though.

I am with you, they serve no purpose, like ticks that can kill small animals with their poison and spread lyme disease, they have no purpose in the world.

Also, how did you put pictures or emojis (which I always pronounce β€œem-joy” because I’m a noob) in your thread title?

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Funnily enough it didn’t hurt to much at the time. The real pain came later when I was cleaning the bathroom and I got bleach on the sting :rage:

Hear you about ticks as well @anon84763962 - another useless animal.

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I was just wondering the same thing. Did it on my iPad. Just pressed the emoji button and up it came.

Think this is the apple version of emoji - not the forums version.

Oh! It’s always been a mystery to me!

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