Got sore legs from hiking

I just came back from hiking. It went very well as the weather was so nice today and there were few people inside the mountain. We havent reached the top, only the half way through. That is my limitation of energy and muscle strength. Still I got very sore legs from it.

Now I am resting in bed to make my legs relaxed.


Sounds great @green5. Sounds like fun.

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That is a beautiful picture. Such lovely countryside. I love hiking in places like the one you went to, it’s so relaxing. Good effort for getting halfway up.

I can understand. Australia is very flat in landscape. I wish there were more mountains in Australia so that people can go hiking at weekends. It has lots and lots of beautiful beaches for weekends though.

are you getting early summer now?

it looks like a nice day

yeah, frequent breaks should help your legs

where I’m at it’s all about the rivers

unless you like corn fields, hehe.

I guess you are confused. Sezbot241 is from Australia and I had the experience of living in Australia either. That’s why I talked about Australia’s landscapes. No , I’m not in Australia now. I’m in China so here it is late autumn season. Thanks for your comments and wish you a nice day @Daze


I bet it’s a nice rest. Good for you.

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