Got some nice emails

I got an email from the head of the Jewish student union at my school. I told you all I was feeling a little weary about anti-semitism on campus but she kind of gave me the run down and assured me there’s nothng to worry about. Also she’s originally from the “New York Area” and moved out to Washington 30 years ago and she wants to meet me when I get to campus. Maybe she can help me understand these issues a little better and how to approach them.!!! :slight_smile:


I also got an email from disability access services…she got my documentation and said she looks forward to working with me


Wait do you practice Judaism sp? Your a hippie…are there hippy Jewish people? There’s not a lot of Nazis in Washington…I’m glad they could set your mind at ease…

I don’t practice but I have a Jewish last name and my dad was bar mitzvahed. Supposedly there’s a big pro-Palestinian movement on campus…they boycotted every Israeli product… it all sparks some anti-semitism but it’s not as bad as this one girl told me it is.

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Oh peace conquers all just be your positive self and ethnicity will fade to black…metallica …I forget theirs still people that race matters to…I forgot this long ago…I wish you peace on your path hippie…

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I’m glad you got those two reassuring emails JJ. That must put your mind at ease a lot.

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