Got some melatonin

I picked up some melatonin today. Just 5 mg. Not sure that I’ll be brave enough to use them tonight though.


I used melatonin when I had sleep problems before sz. It worked but since being on APs I have no sleep problems unless I drink caffeine late.


Melatonin is very gentle. No need to worry

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I used it once every two day.Not harmful at all…

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@Aziz @Gtx1990 @ZmaGal I know that it will probably help. This fear of getting stuck in my nightmares is sticking with me. Like lint. I cant shake it. I got most of it but theres still a pesky amount that I cant get rid of right now. I’ll try again tomorrow night. I think I’ll he more ready then. I was almost able to take some tonight but last minute anxiety stopped me.


i hope it will help you @NeoPolitan02 =)
don’t be afraid to take it though, it helps you fall asleep but you can still wake up as i think it doesn’t keep you asleep.

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