Got some good news

My autistic daughter used to talk about wanting her driver license when she turned 16. It was sad explaining to her she couldn’t get one. She is too disabled to drive.

I thought that a good thing to do would be getting her an adult trike. She can ride a bike but has balance issues. It makes it hard for her to be steady. A trike has a basket so she can carry stuff and she wont fall.

We got news that she was approved for the office for peoplewith developmental disabilities to buy her a trike and new weighted blanket. I’m so excited. Cannot wait to see her when the bike gets here and we get it put together!


That is great news. :blush::blush::blush:

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That’s really cool. Your daughter will be so surprised when she sees the trike.

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That’s great!!! I bet she’ll love it!

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Thats pretty cool, I hope she really enjoys it

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