Got Some Bloodwork Done (Crestor Recommended)

Liver, prostate, kidneys…etc…all okay.

My GP said my cholesterol was a little out of whack and advised i start taking a small dose of Crestor to prevent any heart issues down the road.

Are any of you on Crestor at the moment? Any side effects?


My mom takes it. She hasn’t told me about any side effects, but she is very active.

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I am on Crestor 10mg and Irbesartan 150mg (high blood pressure). No side effects. Its mostly brain meds that have side effects. Dr said 10mg is a starting dose and will increase dose if blood test shows high cholesterol again.

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My high cholesterol lead to high blood pressure so watch your blood pressure daily.

I have taken crestor for a long time. No side effects for me and just don’t notice it. Take at night is recommended and I take my antipsych then so soon to sleepy. I never had a problem and seems to be doing it’s job. 10mg

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