Got Rejected for a job

Do you have references having quit your job @Joker?

I left due to health reasons, but I also implicated my previous line managers behaviour in a 3 page document listing all the things he done to me that caused me to quit. I was there 6 years, and I needed them to know what had happened and why.

If I need a reference, I can get them from other people who work there rather than going through HR

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I’ve been in this situation before and its not easy but I’ve gotten unrealistic jobs where people think I’m the next manager and that I’m going to do stupid things to change my prognosis. Like drugs alcohol mix of both and like dead end jobs that nobody wants. Wish people would just tell me its conditional on something before they gave me the job.

I dont have any cat pics (only dogs here lol) but don’t get too down about the job thing! I got rejected from tons of jobs recently before I finally got accepted by one. I would get so upset but my boyfriend would assure me that most people didn’t get hired for the very first job they applied to. And I would tell myself that if I didn’t get hired there it meant that that job wasn’t meant for me.

You included that in your application? I would not recommend doing that. You need to make up some flowery brief reason like “sought better opportunities” or something. A lot of times asking why you left your last job is only on the application and they don’t even ask about it in the interview so it is not that important. First off most hiring managers aren’t going to sit and read a 3 page essay on why your last manager sucked. Secondly that just doesn’t come off as very professional.

I don’t tell my dog my problems, but if I was at my dads with his cat and it had a clip board and a pen I might give it a try :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry, I meant I gave my previous employer that letter, not the prospective one!

It was my resignation letter


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