Got offered a job but wan't home for the offer basically

I hear my father in law to this day from the grave I guess in reference to my husband, “If he says he’ll take care of it don’t believe him.” SO friday when I was on a road trip to get my daughter to bring her home for a week, they called and offered me a job but I want’ home to accept it and it is full time and related to my schooling finally and something I want to do. But my husband has two surgeries coming up and I have the kids and all, the boys too not just my daughter visiting. I asked him what should I do (never mind I worry the offer won’t still be there monday if I wasn’t home friday but hope it will) and he says I’ll take care of it. Good grief. My friend says if I take the job have to make it every day give her hell and not take off for a while, probably so. Guess I will try my very best that is all I can do. Ignore the dead as well.

I would call them back (if you have their number) the first thing Monday morning. Obviously.

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They want you to fill the position. They expect a call back, right?

Do you really want a job?
or do you just want to make it look like you do?
No offence intended, but I doubt you really want to work, or you would be working by now.

They’ve been looking for a job for a while now. Sucks you missed the call. I’m sure they’ll be reasonable and might even call you back.

Thank you Csummers for your response to my what is limited participation in this forum these days.

I would call them back! Things may work out-good luck!

Of course she wants to work, she is no fiend.

But can she and ultimately should she? The answer be no, a definitive and resounding no.

You use strange language for the situation, a schizophrenic situation, no one wants to work with horrendous and elongated “diseases” right? Diseases that make some jab knives into their own eye sockets to escape it sometimes. Who could want such a thing.

This is such a terrible world. She shouldn’t have to work, but deep down she wants to be normal and get a job.

I can’t stand this place.

Way to take away from the thread with miserable drivel. As per the usual.

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If one can do it everyone can do it, if you like the idea of working and you know technically how to do it then go ahead and work, you will find out how healthy it is to. Please call them back ASAP

Explain then.

Instead of making statements like that and not explaining what you are thinking please explain.

Id love to hear it.

Yeah you are ill, and a severe amount at that, and you just don’t want a job. You are just trying to make it look like you want one.

Drivel is a favorite down here isn’t it.

Of course you don’t want a job with your condition. Is that even a problem? No, im afraid not.

You don’t want a job considering, you shouldn’t have to get one considering. No problem with that.

I say this because i know what you are going through. It’s horrible. You have to struggle to not hang yourself from the nearest limb, or like that other chap ram a knife into your own eye socket. And we say these things? Disability is disability.

Im not in the wrong for saying what i did.

Hhhhmmmm, sarcasm?
Did I offend you? Didn’t mean to.
But you have to wonder if you really want a job? It’s not as if your not already working, you have ?4 kids right? That is far more work than anyone with a full time job, it’s just your not getting paid. …and if I remember corectly, you are pretty much a single parent in a two parent household (read your husband does less than his fair share of the responsibilities).
I just wondered how in the world you had any extra time to take on a paying job?
As my mom used to tell us (4kids) that she wanted to get a job so she could get away from all the work at the house.

you do so much @desimb I wouldn’t be in any big hurry to work with the burdens you already have taking care of your family. why do you want to work so bad?

We all have no choice but to ignore that. Your turning against your own. Cmon pans get real.