Got offended today when I went to buy a bike helmet for my "big" head

Planned getting myself out on my bicycle again today so I went down the bike shop to get myself a helmet. I told the guy I had a big head but I was rather offended when he came out with a XXl size helmet for me

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Well maybe if you had said that you had a small head, the guy would have brought back a size S - small

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XXL head, XXL brain :wink:


our bodies are different and so are the size of our heads…the guy was just trying to be helpful.
good on you for getting back into cycling.
take care


???You told him you have a big head… So he brought you a large size! No mystery there.The million dollar question is ; did the XXL fit you? Sometimes stores don’t have every exact size of merchandise in stock, so they grab the next size up or the next size down.

When Elaine broke up with a guy, he insulted her by calling her “big head”.

That just means you have a big brain :slight_smile: