Got new boots yesterday

they were the coolest ones I could find and also the cheapest.


Do you go hiking ? I used to do it when I was in America, Smoky Mountains in the southeastern US …


Yeah I go hiking every day almost. My last pair of timberlands lasted two years before they got a hole in them lol.

Do you like caves? I once went to Mammoth Cave, I also visited caves in France and Venezuela in my old life.


I used to walk to a lake 4 miles off the Kansas University campus called Clinton Lake when I was a young man. It had woods, walking trails and deer around it. I loved the woods growing up and walked a number of nature trails around TN, GA, and did a little walking in the NC mountains.

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I have a pair of boots just like that or used to have them. They were over 24 years old. I finally threw them out.

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