Got my sarcosine today

If 2g per day of sarcosine doesn’t cut it I would recommend taking 4g per day, I started off taking what you are but went up to double and that worked even better.


I’m going to order some Sarcosine too. I’m placing a lot of hope in it. I need something badly. I’m totally veging out in my room.

When do you take the sarcosine ? I take 2 grams after breakfast and have been wondering if i should take it twice.

The dosage I was thinking of was 1gram twice a day. I have heard of some people who double this to 2grams twice a day.

The research suggests that people start at 1 gram and slowly increase to 2 grams. You may do well with 1 gram - so save money if you can.

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Guys please update us on the results

Everyone taking Sarcosine - please update us on how its going for you. What has been your experience so far? What dose are you taking a day now?

Have been using Sarcosine for almost a month. Have not noticed much effects. Been taking 1 gram in the morning and 1 gram in the afternoon.

I’ve been taking Sarcosine a little less than a week. At first I thought it was working, but that was a placebo effect. I’m still vegging out in my room. I play game after game of solitaire on my computer. I’m hoping I can get motivated to read and write. I bought 180 grams, and that should be enough to tell if it will work for me.

I´ve been taking Sarcosine for 4 days now, and I haven´t noticed any improvement. Still no motivation. Still flat affect/depression. My doc wants to put me on Wellbutrin, I still haven´t tried any antidepressant. But if it´s deficit schizophrenia, I guess it´s untreatable?

How much (grams) are you taking a day right now?

I take 2 grams a day (one serving size). And I haven´t noticed anything yet. Is it possible to take more?

Sarcosine update:

Been taking 1 gram twice a day for 2 weeks. It hasn’t had the same feeling of stimulation that I got from glycine but I have noticed my house is cleaner and my personal hygiene has improved. NB am also taking lysine, pregnenolone and NAC.

Have got about 4 weeks of sarcosine left. Will update more at that time.


Do you order the lysine, pregnenolone and NAC online? Where?

Yes - the most recent research study posted was that people were taking up to 4 grams per day. So you might try slowly increasing as high as that dose. Here is the study (click on where it says “firemonkey” to see the full info):

I live in the UK and got all my supplements except sarcosine from Amazon

Thank you both for the answers! I will try 4 g. of Sarcosine and see how it works!

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How is it going as you ramp up your sarcosine - any positive results?

Haven´t noticed much… I guess I have to give it some more days. I will also try an antidepressant in a while.

good luck guys :+1:

hope you feel better soon