Got my mri thursday

neuropsych testing on the 24th

hopefully i’ll know something soon


My MRI was disappointing because it didn’t show me to be as sick as I thought I was.

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Good luck, I’m rooting for you.

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The mri is to rule out TBI as the cause

What is TBI? 55555

Traumatic Brain Injury

Did you do it? Got to show it to your doc?

My follow up is on the 10th

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I got an MRI while in the hospital. They never told me the results though.

Ive done MRI. There was nothing. I was vegetarian for 5 years and had poor diet in the last year, that mightve been a factor too

I took iron and B12 for six months along with vitaminD

I got in a really bad car accident a year ago though

Yeah I got one at the hospital too. I asked they said everything was fine

Hope youll be fine. Fingers crossed :+1:t2:

My family told me that they were told everything was fine. But they discussed nothing with me :confused:

They should. When we’re psychotic they treat us like we’re children at the hospital.

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Children and animals :rage:


I had that meeting with my nurse today. She agreed the meds didn’t seem like they had an effect, going to be going off meds for the time being. She thinks that my visual symptoms could be caused by HPPD from the hallucinogens, but she doesn’t think that it’s the only thing in play. HPPD doesn’t have any cognitive deficits that I know of, and i’ve looked into it as much as I can, there’s very little information on it.

She also asked me about hypomania, which I didn’t know too much about at the time. She’s concerned with the sleep problems and nightmares. She said that needing little sleep is a symptom of bipolar disorder. At first I was confused, because I was more familiar with full blown manic symptoms, which I wouldn’t consider to be anything like what I have, but looking into hypomania it sounds very familiar. In terms of the sleep issues, extremely talkative at times, being impulsive, and distractability. Often times the energetic periods last an hour or two, and slowly fade into becoming confused and scared. I’ll start to become overly conscious of the things I do, and become worried about repercussions from people or authority figures. It most often happens when i’m out in public, when there aren’t too many people. A small/medium amount of people, like at waffle house during night shift

I’ll often sing some of the rap songs I know, I do that a lot when i’m hella hyper, i’ll also show random people pictures and tell stories about california, and that’s usually when I start wearing down. They’re really long stories, and i’ll start to lose my train of thought often, and my thought becomes a lot more anxious and inward. This is usually the time I leave wherever i’m at. I’ll get worried about the manager getting mad about me being in the store, police recognizing me as a graffiti writer, even though I haven’t gone out in months, police pulling me over for driving poorly and having to explain to them that i’m actually sober just brainstupid or something. Being home helps a lot with that line of thinking.

Due to a few bits of metal in my head ( long story ), I can’t have a Mr I ( MRI ).

But I have had a couple of cat scans.

That sounds about right. I’m sza, I’m familiar with bipolar issues. I used to sleep four to five hours a night. Now with this med I sleep 8-9 hours and I need that time to sleep.

You need to discuss this with your pdoc. Coming off meds, good luck with that. You’re taking them off slowly right?