Got my medical report from my MH tribunal

Says in terms of insight into the SZA I have largely lacked insight into it for over 10 years and I believe I’m not mentally unwell. I need the framework off the community treatment order so I’m legally forced to the in injection basically. I become floridly psychotic - apparently according to them, What does that even mean?

Report days - ‘‘He has no insight into why he needs treatment’’.

Do you lack insight?

How do you feel about the findings?

Yikes… I hope it helps. Do you have any other options if that doesn’t work out?

How does one judge that? :thinking:

I like to think I have pretty good insight, but I guess therein lies the trick about insight… how about you?

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Floridly psychotic is a term used to describe a specific type of psychosis that is marked by extremely vivid and intense symptoms.


I have insight. I can feel when things are going downhill. Then I take my prn and sleep!

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Do you recall appearing outwardly psychotic? I mean, by definition “floridly psychotic” sounds pretty serious and requiring attention. Hope all’s well.

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