Got my computer and 360 wired into my entertainment center


Its more than I do on most days. They had just been sitting around my room for a while now. If only there were any good games on PS4 or Xbox one maybe I would be more entertained. My bro and his friends are obsessed with destiny. They are all closing in on level 30. Although I think they just raised the cap to 30. Setting all this up was an ample distraction and break from my symptoms. Im now set up to nothing for a few years but try to heal. Ill only leave my room for food or to socialize with friends. It is really nice to have my comp running it was expensive back in the day. Its pretty much maxed out as far as what the motherboard is capable of. Need a new graphics card but im going to wait a few years.

So thats my update for the day so far. Im gonna leave pandora on all day to block out the voices. They have gotten substantially better this week t im doing a lot more to avoid hearing that ■■■■■■■■. Hope you all are having a great day. Hang in there.


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Hah, yeah sometimes Ill do that too. I just get the feeling they are watching my every move, waiting to jump to conclusions and criticize me. Sometimes I think Im actually hearing them say stuff that pertains to me. ■■■■ it all. I’d rather just avoid the whole mess. Don’t do whats unnecessary.


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I should make that the background on my desktop. or find something similar. maybe a bear hibernating.


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Thats interesting. My phone pretty much serves as well as a tablet. Now Ive got my pc in my room so I dont think I could spare for the expense.

Blacklights eh? Thats interesting. Ive seem my clothes under black lights though out in public downtown. Riddled with dust particles that glow. I dont think i’d like that perspective. Maybe I just need to change up how I do my laundry. Like colors only. I just throw everything that is dirty all in the same load. Saves time, energy, water, detergent, and effort. I think I’ll just avoid black lights.


At one stage I had my stereo hooked up to my old PC. Playing MP3s on both my pc’s 5in1 speakers and my stereo’s speakers. The neighbors called the cops lol. But best sound I had for ages.