Got my 3 year SSDI review in the mail

It’s 2 pages and six questions. Asking if I worked, seen the doctor, doing better/same/worse, if i discuss going back to work with my Dr., any hospitalized and any notes i want to add.

I’m not feeling enough emotion to worrry. Just filled it to the best of my ability and signed it online.

Anyone know how fast they respond?

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I got mine like 2 weeks ago thats the short form they should reply in 1 - 3 months but yeah i got the same thing

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When I filled that out, I never heard back from anyone but kept getting my benefits. I’m not sure they always respond

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Thanks this is my first review. Helps to know i might not hear back.

I’ll try not to think about it.


Did you get the confirmation email when you filled it out online? I never got mine

Yes. I did.

I got this, and one after signing the form. Saying i can view it, but the view form link doesn’t work.

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If you fill it out as thoroughly as possible (list of specific doctors and medications especially) it shouldn’t be a long wait. Most of the time it takes longer if you accidentally left something out that the reviewer has to call or search through records to get.

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