Got it over with

My big trip. My doctor is putting me on seroquel. He told me a month ago to get an EKG first. I’ve been putting it off because I needed to go to the county hospital for it which I don’t like doing. It’s crowded and busy.and hard to find parking. But I went today. The nurse told me to pull my shirt up so she could shave my chest for the electrodes.I was laying on the exam table and I asked her a question.She asked me to repeat it.Then she apologized and told me she is losing her hearing. I asked her if it was because of a loud noise. She went into this long story about getting sick with spinal meningitis and it spreading. I realize it was serious and she was a real person with a real ,serious problem but the story got LONG and detailed.I was trying to be empathetic but I only have so much in me and I didn’t know what to say or I didn’t want to be rude. She seemed like a nice women but I felt awkward AND I muttered some sympathetic comment. Poor lady.


Good thing you are keeping up with your health - I have had a few EKG’s done to me, at first I was nervous but it really is painless. Is the Seroquel going to replace the Risperdal? or is it an add on med? Good luck with it Nick

It’s an add-on. I’m crossing my fingers hoping the side-effects aren’t too bad. I have only tried about 10 or 11 different medications in thirty years. I got very,very, lucky. The only two that have worked are resperidone and prolixen. I couldn’t tolerate the side-effects of the rest but none of them caused any serious problems or sent me into a tailspin. I caught the bad feelings soon and told my doctor and we nipped the problem in the bud and he took me off of them. Thanks Wave.

I personally loved Seroquel XR - it was a good antidepressant antianxiety type med for me. It was also a great sleep med - Best of luck with it!

Why are you asking for a med change? You seem fairly stable to me. But maybe that’s only on the board.

It’s like my sister said, I’m doing a lot of things right but I still have some problems in life. I still struggle just like anyone else.

you should not feel difficult about the nurse, clearly she needed a kind person to just listen.
i hope the new meds go well.
good on you finding a parking space.
take care