Got into it with my niece today

So my sister fell and busted up her knee and supposedly couldn’t walk. So she called me Thursday to see if I could come to her house and take care of making food and bringing food to her and help her to the bathroom and take her dog out.

I originally told her I’d stay until Saturday only. Ok now she wasn’t any better supposedly so I told her I’d go ahead and stay til Sunday.

Thing is she made it to the bathroom by herself today. My anxiety from not being home was going thru the roof. So I said “is it ok if I go ahead and leave today?” She said she’d be alright. So I was like cool.

Well my niece came over to bring her some crutches and found out I was leaving. She’s very protecting of her mother. She got this angry look on her face and said “I thought you weren’t leaving til tomorrow.” I said “She made it to the bathroom by herself and even took a shower.’ My niece retorted “When you help someone you’re sposed to help them”. I was like “I asked your mom if it was ok. You don’t know what I go through”. I was gonna stay if she absolutely needed me even if it was difficult for me.

I don’t talk about it much better every waking moment is difficult for me.


You didn’t do anything wrong. Maybe your niece will get over it in time.


Thanks :pray:


If your niece is so concerned why doesn’t she stay at your sister’s house? :thinking:


My sister went home with my niece


Give a mouse a cookie and then he’ll want some milk.


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