Got into an argument with my mom

i found out through my dad’s facebook that my mom has a c diff infection. so i called her and she is blaming seroquel. saying its like the symptoms i had when i was on fanapt. but i told her she has been on seroquel for a year i started having symptoms of illness as soon as i started fanapt and was hospitalized they thought i had crohns until i didn’t take the meds for the week i was in the hospital and i recovered and had no signs of illness.

i think she is just using this as an excuse to get off meds again and its frustrating being the caring parent to both of my parents who don’t want to take meds because then they cant do the things they want anymore like my dad misses drinking and quit his anti psychotic because he wanted to drink again.

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That’s a pain…I hope you’re parents come around…my parents are extremely stubborn to going in for any kind of healthcare so I can get the frustration

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Man that must be a pain.

Hopefully it resolves and she just decides to listen to you.
Feeling for ya

If you dont mind me asking, do both your parents have schiz or psychosis?

my father has schizoaffective disorder like i do, i was diagnosed first but he was diagnosed finally when he was 48 but he always had experienced symptoms just never got help. both my mom and brother has bipolar with psychotic features. my brother no longer takes meds but my mom was taking meds but she wants to quit them so does my dad