Got Flustard

Had to venture outside the safety of my flat and go into town to pay the credit card bill. Que the anxeity and me not thinking straight.

Now i really cannot get on with those self-service tills so asked a member of staff in the Poundland to help me - and promptly left half the shopping behind cos i was flustered. This is why i hate going out at the moment - my social interaction skills have gone out the window!

It was jut £3 quid for vape liquid but still. Its times like these i wish my social worker would get off his arse and stop being sick since last november last year - and accompany me like he used to.

On a good note tho - im starting my therapy tommorow for a hearing voices clinic - so will tidy my beard up and have an early night this evening.

Bloody hate anxeity - i always end up losing money! lol

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I much prefer using a checkout . I also don’t like the way libraries have gone self-service.



I know mate - i prefer a checkout with a person. It always screams “check bag” when i use self-service. I swear-blind ive got a mental block when i use the bloody things!

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