Got discharged from the mental health service

I had been seeing pdocs there almost weekly since age 13… turning 18 in a week so my time is up. Went for milkshakes with my case worker on the very last day, best milkshake I ever had in my life. My now ex-psychiatrist immediately hired me to make an illustration for him once he was no longer my doctor, so that was very nice. Just thought I’d share :slight_smile: Doing alright these days. Not much to say on the forum but I miss it somewhat


damn kid now you got me wanting a milkshake. Congrats on the graduation of sorts.


Twas a pistachio milkshake… gosh it was good. Thanks, I feel like I’m moving forward!


That’s really good because, I’m happy for you, keep up the good work :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::v:


Thank you @Resilient1 !!!

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It’s exciting that you’ve graduated pediatric psych care! I imagine it’s also a little scary. And I’m glad you got an art commission. You’re very talented.

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Oh yes, I worry just a bit about the routine change causing problems… But I should be fine, 5 years with psych care I have learned some things about managing myself lol. And thank you!! Here’s a sketch I did yesterday:


Whats it like to have sz at the age of 13?

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Had some symptoms since childhood, early on it was dismissed as me throwing tantrums/having an overactive imagination. I’ve grown up feeling like I’ll never get to be an adult without this looming over me… otherwise probably not a lot of difference from sz at any older age. Scary and tiring.

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