Got bored watching stinkbugs and taught my dog to "sit."


This is life of the perpetually unemployed and insidiously bored. But he needed to learn to sit and the funny part is now the parrot is saying “sit” all the time this afternoon. Good grief! Seriously going to step up job hunting I think???desimb


Thanks for a good laugh! Parrots are lovely creatures! I get so bored too, that I watch millipedes crawl over the floor and take videos of them on my Blackberry :smile:


Those stink bugs can lead you off the beaten path…


or take ur dog to training classes they love it!


My sis will and has followed Caterpillar’s for hours. I have a very love hate relationship with them.

one of our gardens is just being eaten down to nothing by this little guy…

I really hate the fact that this caterpillar is a killing machine in the garden, but soon they will cocoon and when they get out of the cocoon they will become this…

We need our butterflies for pollination. So they kill a garden, then they transform and heal a garden…

I keep telling others that these are Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars. They are very unmistakable.