Got an embarrassing question

hi. i’ll be off the forums for a couple of days but till i get back i’d like to ask if anyone else has trouble with stomach gas?

i am h aving a terrible time with this problem and cannot seem to get a good handle on the situation. is this from sz? meds? both?


I had a lot recently that was very painful, but I think it was because of the surgery I had had on that area fairly recently.

It might have just been something you ate? Maybe eat some crackers…that usuallys settles it down.

uncripted, sorry to read you had to have surgery. are you better now? still painful? hope you’re all better soon. judy

Have you had any change in diet?

That will always cause me to get a bit gassy.

i am eating more fruits because i am on the weight watchers diet but i think that fruit and veggies help clean out the stomach, right? i mean they can make you feel bloated but it gets rid of the garbage if you’ll excuse my language.


Many carbohydrates cause gas, and the following items are common culprits:
Brussels sprouts.
Carbonated drinks.
Chewing gum.
Fruits, such as apples, peaches and pears.



Prescription drugs did mess with my metabolism. I had harsh heartburn from the simplest things while on them. I’m tapering off of my drugs, though, and seeing how my life will be when I am drug-free. My acid reflux was/is pretty bad on Abilify.

mistercollie, i know what you mean. i had that which you mentioned while on risperdal. it was just awful. judy

Melon & green olives are good anti-inflammatory fruits; at least what I have gleaned from experience eating them. I get mild inflammation from pasta, bread, and dairy; eating melon & green olive to balance out the bloat.

thank you szadmin. judy

I once ate two veggie burgers… with broccoli salad… zucchini fries…

and a fruit smoothie…

I’ve never been so gassy…


Oh, my appendix ruptured so I needed surgery for that. Apparently its been infected for years. It hurt all the time, but I didn’t really tell anyone. I’m recovering pretty well.

You can get gas relief pills if it’s a real problem. I did at the time.

Oh my gosh right after starting Lexapro, I was sure I’d be declared an environmental hazard. It was horrifying.

Sorry to get personal on you, but is everything moving along nicely otherwise? Is the gas headed up or headed down?

It’s almost certainly due to the increase in fruits and vegetables. Some things that might help settle your stomach: peppermints, gingersnaps (get the good ones with plenty of ginger), Tums Gas-X. Ice water for some reason seems to consolidate the gas for me and encourage it along its way. If this is persistent, you should bring it up with your doctor. They’ll have good advice for you.

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Try with the probiotics for a few days.
Can’t do harm.

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If you are not used to eat vegetables and fruit you will get gas in the beginning. But it will settle. And you will feel much better with all those vitamines and fibers.

If u have a lot of beans in ur diet, that may be a cause! Especially if it’s not cooked well

High levels of stress can cause digestive problems! But honestly so could like a bajillion other things lol.

I think my gas is from me drinking milk and being lactose intolerant.

Gas or gas balls?

I don’t know if gas balls is the common term but it’s what my house mom used to call painful gas trapped in your stomach. I’ve had that problem a few times. I took gas-x, farted maybe an hour later, and then I felt better.