Got again new meds last week

Now it is a problem with my cholesterol, my bad cholesterol values were high and so had to start taking again new meds with my existing numerous meds. This is just the way it is when one has multiple illnesses: diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma, psz and many others. However, it is better to take all meds if one wants to walk on this Earth. They took also a HIV-test and this was negative.

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It was negative?!

So sorry to hear that, how did you contract it?

Just kidding, people get that one mixed up sometimes.

They just wanted to make sure what is really causing all my illnesses. Negative is good. Somehow I just have many illnesses, but still walking here on the Earth. :smile:

I just added atorvastatin. No. 13. I’m walking around with all this stuff in my system…