Got a paycut at work đź‘Ž

kinda pissed tbh. I mean I guess it was good I had a pay increase for a month because I made more money that month…but now he comes and tells us hes cutting us back down to where we were pay-wise. hes taking 50% of our tips…but were actually getting a raise to 11$ an hour the new minimum wage. but it works out to get paid about what I was getting paid when I was hired.

Theres less incentive now to do a good delivery. He wanted to keep 50% to give us an incentive to do a good delivery. But now the customers are like “And $10 for you” i’m like “ughhh well $5 actually because 50% goes to my boss…sigh”. I dont say that but I dont really get excited about tips anymore. Its like getting some weak drugs. Just doesnt give you the high you wanted or expected.

Its not like im broke anymore on these wages, however, id rather get 100% of my tips and $8 an hour or something to make my job more interesting. It takes the fun out of the tipping game.


Boy, nothing says “we value exactly as much as we are legally required to by law” like slashing your tips to compensate for a minimum wage increase.


I think it should be illegal to take tips.


he said if he pays us minimum wage he can divvy out the tips anyway he wants…when he paid us the “service wage” he had to let us keep the tips so I think he was planning this a month ago…the raise was a transition to taking some of our tips or something

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It really sucks to know you’re being taken advantage of, but not have the power to do anything to stop it.


It’s insane that they’re allowed to do that in some US states… The minimum wage is already ridiculously low and then they get to steal your tip on top of that!?


That sucks. My son is a server at Buffalo Wild Wings. He isn’t sick or anything and doesn’t get disability or have medical insurance.

Tips are his livelihood and how he pays his bills.


Does he provide a delivery vehicle or are you using yours?

sorry man…sounds like a bad deal there…

We don’t have a tipping culture in the U.K. It’s bad when you have to live off tips.

Maby change jobs to do deliveries somewhere where this doesnt happen possibly look at Amazon Flex jobs they tip well and pay good for deliveries.

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We don’t tip. We should have a decent minimum wage but that is eroded in the modern world. It really does suck when economics wins. You have little recourse and the bosses get fat on our effort.

Plenty of other jobs out there. It’s not bad sometimes to test the waters to other fields!

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Im using my own vehicle so yeah I feel that should be a factor…and it is.

For reference I used to deliver pizzas for dominos in 2002 and made 5.15 / hr + .60 per delivery plus tips.

Now dominos pays ■■■■ for delivery. The unskilled labor market is garbage. I’m thankful I’m not in a poverty cycle and can’t make it out.

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You realize you’d need to make at least $40 to cover your costs in this case? Dude. These delivery jobs are a scam.

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I know how you feel. When Cell One merged with AT&T we all took a huge cut in our bonuses and comissions. When I worked valet we had to pool our tips. Believe me pocketing a $20 tip was common practice, not honest, but common.

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He told us we can lie when we report cash tips to him. But on the paper it says “employees must report all cash tips now and they are subject to deductions”. Or something. So it was very ambiguous. Last night he checked us out and he didn’t even ask about cash tips.

Some lady gave me a $14 cash tip so I was happy I got to keep that.


Man, that sucks!

Your boss is a greedy son of a â– â– â– â– â– . Does he put in more hours than you where you work? How much money is he getting for his pay? Some people are just dicks.

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