Got a mission

i have a mission …got to go to the train station and see Jesus and the angels wait for him there
hopefully i can stay there until he gets there he has a long way to travel …the devils have been trying to stop me going but am fighting them off with prayer going to keep praying
…my husband says there not real he dont understand i think he is working for the devils
got to go soon …

Hey @ParanoidAndroiduk, don’t leave just yet. What has been happening? Do you feel alright? Why the train station?
Take care of yourself.

I am only asking questions because I worry for you mate. I hope all is well.

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Husband says am ill but i feel ok …my gran died 2 weeks ago her funeral was on the 18th kinda sad
she was 92 she had a good life
kinda sad but am ok …
the train station has a portal that goes to heaven its open some times for the dead to travel between earth and heaven
Jesus will be there because its a special time of year being Easter

I am sorry about her passing.

Since you are here on the sz forum, have you considered the portal as being a delusion possibly?

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maybe but i have to go there and find out …just in case its really there

Is your husband coming with you? I would advise not going alone.

The stress of your gran’s passing could’ve lead to the creation of the delusion.

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no he has my nieces to look after there teens but there not old enough yet to be in the house on there own
and i dont think he would come with me anyway as he dont believe in Jesus…

What exactly is going to happen at the train station?

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the portal is in a tunnel so i need to get there by walking up there …
i see Jesus and i see the angels
i can hear Jesus but i get to meet him this time

Wait, that could be really dangerous. Please stay safe.

Have you talked to anyone about this?

Has this been happening for a while.

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Is there a trusted friend who can accompany you? Not trying to be offensive, but you definitely sound delusional and you’ve recently had a major stressor in your life.

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I got a mission code named liquored up and want some pot, but I’m not gonna call on those who could lose their job, I’ve raked over the futon my last crazed roommate slept on and waiting until tomorrow to call the guy. Thing is, sober, it makes me super awkward, uncomfortable and paranoid, get me liquored up and I love the stuff.

Mission statement…drive this point home and meet the loafer half way.


I suggest you see your Pdoc right away, or call a Mental Health Emergency Line. If you walk into that tunnel looking for Jesus or perhaps your recently passed Grandmother’s spirit, you could get hit and killed by a train.

Get help immediately.


Don’t go. It’s a delusion. Tunnels with railroad tracks are very Dangerous! You should call the emergency line at once. No waiting. No going to the trainstation. If you can’t make that call, ask your husband to do it.

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shown my husband this post he says am to stay in the house he has locked the door and hid the keys
feel upset … really need to go and see Jesus

Its okay, mate. It is for the best. I’m glad you are safe today/night.


Good that you showed him this post. You need to get in contact with your nurse or pdoc too.

■■■■ just got a letter saying i will not been seen until 24th of may ■■■■■■■ know they ■■■■■■■ know
another 2 ■■■■■■■ months to wait ■■■■ them
■■■■ medical professionals

You can go to the ER.

Do you have a team coming to your house in an emergency? or you need to go to ER. ER have doctors that can help you.