Got a lot of anxiety

the fridge man hasnt been again!

i bought the fridge on monday - he said he will deliver tuesday after the shop shut.

i waited in all day

i rang the shop today and no ansewer so i walked to the shop a few miles up the road.

he said he will deliver today

i waited in again
no fridge

im panicing because i fear the people watching me have told him not to deliver it and hes just messing me about
do you think i can call the police and say hes obtained my money by deception??

im so stresed because i cant telephone anyone to talk to about it

and tomorrow how long is he going to take to deliver it>
ive been having to eat crap because i wanted the fridge so i can eat proper food.

i cant afford to keep eating crap

im so upset what can i do?


sorry no fridge, but don’t worry, I don’t think the fridge man is playing mind games with you, hope you can get it soon

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@see121 thank you i think the snow is very bad maybe its too slippy. im really not well today x

He might just be a little unreliable, don’t jump to paranoia. Give it a few days. If the weather clears walk up and ask again. If he continues not to deliver you can always cancel and buy elsewhere. In the mean time maybe get yourself some fresh fruit, one or two serving size or some fresh veggies, something to counter the junk food you been eating. Stuff like advocado’s, bananas, or tomatoes and potatoes can be on the counter as well as seeds, nuts, granola and such.

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Call him
You also has the option to call the police
No one will risk with his reputation
Be calm
Fridge on the way to you …:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:
Here is the fridge where is the food lol :wink:

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i bought some strawberries and grapes x thank you - i also had a word with him, he said a different story he said that he was getting the fridge from wales. so i asked for my money back and he didnt give me it. so i had to go out in all this bad weather to the other shop and talk to his boss. omg his boss kicked me out of the shop and i was crying n stuff, anyway eventually he came out and said look i will deliver it myself go home wait for me to come with it i cant do with the drama!!

i called the samaritans last night i needed to calm down x gosh i am so glad i can see the pdoc on thursday next. because im just a mess.

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