Got a German Shepherd puppy! Be warned...cuteness inside

This is Ranger, an 8-week old male German Shepherd. Our guard dog to-be. After much whining, sniffing, and exploration, he has settled down on the couch with me, watching baseball.


Hi Ranger - you are totally adorable!:slight_smile:

A cute pup alright. They grow up fast.

Eeeeeeeeeeee Puppy, Puppy, Puppy!
How adorable!

Cute pup Alien - I love shepherds

You mean he hasnt peed in spot yet? :smiley:
very cute…
I need one, but want to get one that’s a bit older that can chase the woodchuck out who has taken up residence under my house !

cute puppy… My puppy weighs 72. Pounds

are you goign to train him to be a helper dog? That way no landlord can refuse him and he can go with you to stores and MD appts. And that way if any nurses compare you to a dog like they did to Malvok, you can sic Ranger on her.

AWWW the cutenesss overload is too much! get ham dogs will do nearly anything for ham also kongs socialise the hell out of it with men women children other dogs and most importantly crowded places to be calm.
i had a german shepeard once one of the best dogs i ever had enjoy now that your life is nearly over lol (my 1 years old lab sat by my side.