Gosh Darn It You Wild Apes lol

It’s believed chimps have evolved to focus on butts due to their proximity to them while moving in groups. Walking on four legs, they’re often (literally) faced with a rump ahead of them.

The paper concludes, “The findings suggest an evolutionary shift in socio-sexual signalling function from behinds to faces, two hairless, symmetrical and attractive body parts, which might have attuned the human brain to process faces, and the human face to become more behind-like.”

“Don’t push the line bro” lmao. I guess this gives a new definition to “butthead” lmao.

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figures. most vets wont work with them because they are the dirtiest, most disease ridden animals out there. poo slingers too.

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They might get along with dogs.

Dog: imma sniff your butt

Chimp: imma put my butt in your face

lol . It would seem they would but best my understanding they eat the dog.

speaking of vets , but this time army not veterinary people, have you ever ask them for their jungle stories? turns out primates are VERY super territorial: they put a fence around their base. a soldier sleeping against a tree had a monkey sneak up on him. reach around, and just ripped his junk off. they put fence amd stsrted shootin monkies. lol

Wow that is pretty sad. Poor junk. Poor monkies.

some cultures kill and eat monkeys

All cultures kill people so I guess that makes sense?

are you okay?

I had a nightmare about killing a cow yesterday… i keep imagining horrible things in my mind.
Why is it so difficult to be vegetarian?

I will do my best one more time.

Yes, are you okay?

Are you not going to kill and eat monkies anymore? lol

No I do not feel very guilty when I eat fish seafood, maybe because I am a christian but the land animals like cows, ducks, chickens etc… I do not want to eat. It is difficult to fight against this.

I am not of this world I guess because I do not get along well with society and their ways. :grinning:


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Fries are made from potatoes, therefore vegan. Very sneaky…

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