Goodbye YouTube!

Youtube you’re taking over my life! I want to quit you YouTube! and listen to the radio again and read and do nothing at all. Does anyone do nothing at all anymore? Always looking at our devices! But I don’t know how to quit.


At least it is a distraction

I’m on YouTube the whole day if I stay at home which is for most days the case. I’m watching on my computer. It’s bound to my coping mechanism with smoking and drinking lots of caffeine and sugar. I tried to quit many times, put find it impossible for me.

I was forced to listen to the radio for one month. It was boring as hell, and I not just listen to music, I mostly have listen to culture program. Even after a month of none I was going back to 24/7 on it(YouTube).

Yeah, I guess I’ll watch it too, only I’ll regulate my time. Times change.

Yeah, except I wouldn’t call it doing nothing. Doing analog activities is just as good as digital ones. The only question is how we feel about it ourselves.

I think a lot of people are struggling to disconnect from devices, including myself, because we might feel that all the action is online. Also all social media actors are making their apps as addicitive as possible which does not help.

I deleted my fb account recently. So currently I am not using any social media at all, including youtube. I don’t miss it. Just got to break the addiction. It’s like quitting smoking. It’s hard, but it can be done.

Still I feel I might spend too much time dawdling online. One think is if I have legit business or if I’m participating in something meaningful like this forum. It’s all the other crap I’m trying to deprogram myself from.

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