Good places to read things online?

I dont even know what i want to read. Books, magazines, news? Anybody have any good sites to recommend(no login, email, or credit card preferred, basically easy free ones).?

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Your local library probably has a selection of downloadable audiobooks and ebooks. Mine does, and the selection is great. I can put the books right on my phone.

Yeah, my phone is just for calls.

Also let me know of other popular forums. Schizophrenia is actually pretty popular compared to most. Reddit doesnt work on xbox.

You can probably also download them to your computer. Email your library and ask about it.

I figured the web will never replace the library.

I tried the local library. Pretty crappy collection unless you go through the universities. I like kindle too they got free books. That’s about it. Some things are free online.

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Kindle has free books. If you have Amazon Prime you get more free Kindle books. And if you subscribe to Kindle you get even more free books.