Good people suffer

I hate when “big” people take advantage of others, but when they take advantage of me I usually tell on them to some authority figure I trust.

this gets limited results but it beats turning into a bully like they are.

I had a pdoc once and for the longest while that was so mean to me, like a bully almost. he was considered a real “big” doctor but he didn’t do kindly to me. I tell myself I ain’t gonna be one of those that sing his praises or love him in return for THAT.



bullies are like that, they bully the weak ones

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people for the most part are evil there are a few good ones out there who actually care about others and don’t bully them or judge them for who or what they are .It does seem good people always are the ones to suffer and the evil ones who have nothing but evil in their hearts get away with murder almost and sometimes they do get away with it that’s why I believe an eye for an eye and what goes around comes around Karma will have their fun with them and take care of all the mean evil people out there kind of like revenge without even having to lay a hand on someone.

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