Good or bad

Have you been good or bad with your diet today
I’ve had chocolate mousse with fresh cream
How about you


I had some fresh lemon pudding my mom made for dessert- the lemons came off her own tree in the backyard.
Is that bad?

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No that did you good

Yeah, I think it did too, made my tummy real happy :smiley:


Sometimes you have to have it
I’ve just had a pear so that’s good

I had ice cream before I went to bed last night…bad bad…haha…but I weighed at the doctor’s yesterday and I am down to 205! just six more pounds and I will be under 200 !!


At my last weigh in I’m down to 341 a year ago I weighed 327 but i gained some back. Went back up to 365. I just don’t feel like eating. Yesterday all i ate was half a banana and a bowl of stew

I have been good so far, and I already have my dinner planned out, so it will be a totally good day. I have to stay really focused to lose weight while I am taking Zyprexa.

Yeah, that’s definitely a problem. If you manage to starve yourself for long enough, you will lose weight, but until then, it’s going to be extremely difficult to lose if your body’s constantly in starvation mode because it’ll hold on to anything that you eat to keep you alive. You’ll have to eat less and less to maintain your weight loss. It’s not a healthy road to go down.

Maybe instead try changing the foods you do eat. Vegetables instead of fries, fruit instead of chips, tea instead of soda, stuff like that. I can’t remember, do you have a dog? Maybe make it your job to walk him. I myself need to start walking my dog daily. We’re both pretty out of shape. Maybe we can make it a shared goal or something, to walk our dogs at least three times a week. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s not just the food I eat it’s my medicine makes it so I’m not hungry. But I will try to eat more and healthier. My in laws have two dogs, only one stays in the apartment that’s the shih tzu Missy. Very sweet girl. I try to walk her when it’s not hot out

Are you on Geodon? That med killed my appetite, but you’re supposed to take it with at least 500 calories or else it won’t work. What a cruel twist of fate.

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No the APs I’m on are lauda and abilify

Latuda you’re supposed to take with like 300 calories or something. It’s been years since I was on it, so I don’t remember exactly. But that was my biggest problem with that med.

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I’m doing pretty well with my diet. I was feeling snacky so I ate a few bites of cold rotisserie chicken. Not very satisfying, but it kept me from eating sugar.

had a real big tuna sandwich as first meal of day, 445 cals needed the protein

Had some chorizo and eggs for breakfast, doing bad so far, but I’ve got the rest of the day to make it up

im doing bad in that I’ve not eaten my 3 meals. all I had was a banana for breakfast. now it’s 430pm and Im just starting to get hungry. I think I will have bean chili.

Yeah, like 350, I think.