Good old benzos

I think I’m becoming both tolerant and can’t do without them. This is how benzo addiction starts isn’t it.

I don’t see the big deal as long as you don’t eclipse your dosage. So I’m addicted to 1.0 klonopin, I’m gonna need it for the rest of my life anyways, my anxiety is that bad. As long as I don’t go doctor shopping for extra scripts, or buying xanax from friends…It doesn’t seem a big deal for me. That’s just my individual case though.


I’m struggling with addiction to caffeine and benzos. My upper and downer allowed by the doctors. But next appointment I will talk to him to change to something less addictive since I struggle with all kinds of addiction. I take a full pill a day to make sure I don’t get over addicted to it, but I like it too much.

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Yep, that’s how it starts. You became tolerant and need more and more dosage to achieve the same effect. Once it starts, you can find yourself taking 6-10 pills at once without having any major changes.
Be aware. It stole almost a year of my life to get off that crap.

I’m sure it’s not the case for everyone…speaking from experience. I need my 1.0 or else i get panic attacks. I don’t take any more and I’ve been on the same dose a year and a half.

And I can only advice you to try low your dose day by day ( that’s how they’ve done with me at the hospital) and either change it to something else less addictive or go completely off of it for few weeks and then try with small dose again.

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Yeah but you don’t abuse it. Some of us did.

I can’t abuse it. I remember when I tried taking xanax…2.0 made me sleep and 1.75 did nothing. It was un-abusable for me. Same goes for kpins.

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If one accepts benzos from a shrink: One becomes at risk concerning the doctor changing his mind, or even, moving away or otherwise stopping practicing. The new doctor may not feel like prescribing Benzos.

I know.



Good point. I actually thought about that. I would become HIGHLY disabled if I didn’t have benzos. Would never leave my apartment. My anxiety is THAT bad without my 1.0 Klonopin. I can’t drive without it or else I almost black out at the wheel. I think I’d end up in a coma without them from my brain short circuiting. And it’s not even about the addiction.

Benzodiazepines are dangerous as hell.

Usually, the patient must be in deep ■■■■ to get a prescription, and then it’s the patients responsibility to only take what is prescribed.

They won’t refill mine until they count down to there being like two days of mine left- which is probably good for me and good for them, we don’t need a complete xanny junkie in addition to everything else that is wrong with me. I take 1mg alprazolam once when I wake up (my mornings are the worst part of my life) once in the late afternoon (need it to stay calm and keep being productive) and then again before going to bed (I come undone every night when I step out of the shower and see my reflection).

Now what’s good is that I function. Really highly. It has the opposite effect on normal people- they take it and then don’t function. It’s technically for my tremors, induced by Geodon. Without the benzo, my legs move uncontrollably and it made me want to die. The tremors were observed by my doc and judged to be quite severe. My left leg is still moving a bit unless I tense it up or exercise.

Which leads to the issue of exercising severely on Xanax; delayed reflexes, faster rate of lactic acid buildup and to ice the ■■■■ cake, it also makes it hard to stay hydrated.

Interaction between serious gastric reflux and we get throwing up every morning at least twice, and I am on 40mg nexium.

It’s a big mess of ■■■■.

Just sitting here waiting to digest my breakfast and let my morning meds kick in (I threw them up but kept it in my mouth and chocked it down three times already).

Every day is Halloween.


My current psychiatrist does not like benzos too much.

I am tolerant of them, I take 0.5 mg every day - no less, no more.

I dont feel like they are helping me too much since I am tolerant of them, but my pdoc said that they could be helping to ease my anxiety, its just that I dont feel the effects any more.

I never abuse them, I know that I am physically dependent on them, but I never take more than 0.5mg unless I am having a major panic attack and then I will take a little bit more than 0.5mg.

I am going to ask if I can go back on a mood stabilizer, they seem to keep me calmer without the tolerance and physical addiction.