Good news, I am the UK moderator now :)

Just kidding.

Who believed it?



Raises hand

Silly snickerdoodle!



would you suspend me? with suspenders on? lol :rofl:


I thought it was @mrhappy i know hes from uk


suspenders become fashionable after a while :man_facepalming: :rofl:

@Yellowdiamond talking from personal experience i think @Mae would be a much better mod than me :slight_smile:

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:joy: never!!!

I can’t even imagine myself as a moderator it is way too stressful for me

you would do a much bettr job


I wish that were true lol, i have no time for it anyway and i’ve been suspended a few times and i have better things to do with my time, my eyes would get sore anyway, they get sore without even reading much :frowning:

@Yellowdiamond would you suspend me with suspenders on? :rofl: haha


I didn’t believe you @Mae, if you had left out “UK” in your title then you would’ve have gotten me, lol :crazy_face:

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I’m the Martian moderator, now…
Nobody to moderate :crazy_face:


I tried to flag the topic. Jk :relaxed:

I don’t know you well, but you seem nice. Maybe you would be a good moderator.

I still believe it.


I wish it was true though. A UK moderator would need clear guidelines on pressing issues such as Benny Hill, national treasure or registered sex offender to is it true that people go to Swindon after they die. Tough job if you ask me.

Haha. WTF? You clearly dont know us English do you?

If your trying to be funny - trust me your not.

You mean me or the OP? I’m from London by the way, but then again London is not England thank god.

I meant you. Sorry i didnt see the humour.

That’s alright, but have you at least seen Swindon?

Ha yes i have mate, when i was truck driving. Know the red light district as well lol.

I vote for @lekkerhondje to Be the Belgian moderator!

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thanks @Jonathan2 =D
that would be a lot of responsibility though =O

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Just not red suspenders :wink: