Good news good day, and worried what'll happen

I had a good day. Took my older son to the dentist, no cavities. Took my younger to the pediatricain to recheck is height after six months cause his growth had slowed at checkup and he grew more the past six months than he did the year or two before and the pediatrician was thrilled. God invited to an interview for a job I really would like tomorrow. Everything going so well I worry something bad will happen but don’t expect anything really. I am relatively symptom free today.


Good luck in the interview. Dress nice and be friendly. Job interviews are so much different and harder now then when I was 17 or 18. Or even when I was 30 years old. All the crap they ask you now about “your biggest weakness”, or they now give you those “tests” at some places I’ve applied at ." Would you turn in a co-worker for stealing" ? Anyway, just my micro-rant. Good luck. Remember, they WANT to to hire you. It’s up to you to make yourself the person they are looking for. Make yourself look good.

Thank you Nick77. I tell myself one of these interviews are going to work if I keep trying?

Sure why not? You’re as good as anyone else. And smarter than most.

Good luck tomorrow, D.

i am happy for you, try not to fear what you can not control.
take care

at first congratulations but don’t be very hopeful to not be very disappointed, even in the best perspective always be ready to face and defeat problems.