Good News for people who love Bad News ;)

So as of today I got an e-mail from the registrar of the university I applied to to finish my bachelor’s degree and it basically stated that I’m being classified as an in-state tuition student.

YEAH! :joy:

I made a document to list all my previous schools and colleges so I wouldn’t forget any transcripts. So far I know the university has received 8 out of 9 of them. They probably have received the ninth one though which was for the film school I went to. It takes a day or two for the application status to be updated.

One step closer!


What’s that? Is that good or bad?

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In state tuition is usually lower than. Out of state


Oh it’s a very good thing!

Here in the U.S. brick and mortar schools charge out of state tuition for students who haven’t lived in the home state of the university for at least a year.

So basically I’m getting the cheaper tuition.


That sounds great. Best of luck with it all. It’s a big deal to finish getting your degree !

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Thank you @everhopeful !

I have 4 damn associate degrees so it makes sense to finish my bachelor’s. LOL!


Good luck with your BA


Good luck with your studies!

Have you decided which major you’re going to do?

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Good luck bud, you got this :muscle:

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Good luck @Montezuma

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Good luck @Montezuma!

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Thank you Jonathan! :blush:

So far I’m pretty set on the bachelor’s in general studies (BGS) in liberal arts. The university offers a couple options for the degree, and for option one you can pick a major and any minor you want to as long as it’s within the school of sciences and liberal arts.

So I’m really hoping my film school credits transfer because I would like to major in film with a minor in religious studies.


Thank you @SpringRose , @FreeLunch , @Aziz , and my Canadian bud, @TheCanuk !!



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