Good news and bad news to myself about school

The good news is he just posted exam grades and I got a 47/50 on our first big paralegal exam, a little better than I did on quizzes. The bad news is I don’t know why I am in school again and I think I’m too old. But my grandfather always said any learning is a good thing. If I would have been hired some place I suppose I wouldn’t be in school again maybe. When do I live the life of a 41 year old, I do well at mothering but that’s all I give myself a pat on the back for really. Well, on with the semester at this point I guess. desimb

What would be great for you is somehow taking all your experience of being around people at school, all your learning skills, all your patience and brains, all your tenacity…And somehow use all that to obtain and hold down a job. A transfer of skills if you will. Somehow take all that and apply it to a job.

That’s the way to go! Are you in undergrad or is this grad school? I myself am 20 and a sophomore.

One can never be too educated.