Good morning

Whats on the docket for today. I still havent slept and i have to do landry.


Just about to cook some dinner for me and the Old Fellow! Tonight it’s a beef burger as we had a lunch out.

It’s late afternoon and looking forward to the cricket tonight in another hour. It’s 2 all between India and Australia in 50 over cricket and should be a cracker.

Keep cool! I do laundry every day as I’m first person up! Not so bad out here. Even if it’s raining it’s hot enough to dry clothes inside. We have a dryer but don’t use it as it’s expensive and don’t use it till emergencies.


Nice man. Sounds like its gonna be a productive day. I wish it was hot here! I thrive when its sunny and hot.

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It’s 2:30am and I haven’t slept, either. Idk what I’m gonna do with the remainder of my night, tbh.

Hello. It’s 3:40pm here. I did something stupid yesterday and am regretting it. So Can’t concentrate at the moment. just idle on internet.

I’m just about to head to work for the day. I did some exercise with resistance bands and added some music to the station inventory:

Now I’m off to sling insurance for the day. Exciting!

Im quite the insomniac as well. I have to go to work this afternoon for 4 hours. That’s about all I can take without getting super stressed out and possibly have an episode. I have no deadlines there either, which helps tremendously cause those really stress me out too. Other than that I’ll be hanging around the house and taking a long shower before work. Even that seems like a lot of work for me.

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