Good morning. What are you doing today?

I don’t know what I’m doing today. I’ll have to fabricate things to keep me busy. Of course I’ll workout but other than that I’ll be bored. I think having nothing pressing will fit my mindset just fine for today. What’s you mindset like? What are you doing today?


I’m waiting for my caseworker to arrive. Later, some people are coming by to buy some stuff from me


Later I’m going to help my dad haul some wood but until then and after I’m going to video game. I haven’t devoted a whole day to video gaming since my teens so now at 36 I’m getting a little nostalgic.



My mindset is challenging I’m so desperate to fulfill my boredom with food but on the other hand I’m trying to stay determined with my plan to lose weight. So there’s a constant battle in my head atm. :pensive:

Apart from that I’m travelling on the bus again fun fun. Its not bad it keeps me doing something. I will take out my rent money at the final destination and then look at food lol in the shops then head back home.

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